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Ho Gia restaurant

Ho Gia restaurant

24 Ap Bac St., Tan Binh District , Ho Chi Minh City.

Website: www.nhahanghogia.com

Tel: 08 3842 8679

Fax: 08 3810 5539

Hotline: 0919 175 856; or 0919 395 889 (Mr Thanh)

Address: 24 Ap Bac St., Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city.

Premium office lunch booked

Office workers’ resting time is saved now that home delivery service is available. A constantly changed menu offers a wide selection of dishes. Price of each set ranges from 18,000 VND to 25,000 VND.
Rice quality is guaranteed and food is well-arranged in a 5-section inox box; therefore, its flavor is kept intact. If you are in need of dessert, a box contained food will be delivered with certain charge.
In case you book the lunch in large amount, we have a 10+1 promotion which allows you to enjoy it to the full.
Wedding, home party, meeting, barbecue booked

Ho Gia restaurant always leads the way and accompanies you all. Join us in the parties to enjoy the most fantastic atmosphere. Good dishes with eye-catching vegetable decoration guarantee your satisfaction
Several branches of the restaurant are avalable in districts.
Optional party charge: 70,000 - 300,000 VND/ Customer.
For more information, please contact
Tel: 08 6 2923 921 Fax: 08 6 2923 920
Mobile: Thanh: 0919175856 or Minh 0953 422 000

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